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  • San Marco - Concret_Art
  • San Marco - Grimani
  • San Marco - Velature
  • San Marco - Marmorino Classico
    Marmorino Classico
  • San Marco - Marmo Antico
    Marmo Antico
  • San Marco - Marcopolo Luxury Bia
    Marcopolo Luxury Bia
  • san marco - Marcopolo Luxury Strie
    Marcopolo Luxury Strie
  • San Marco - Marcopolo Luxury
    Marcopolo Luxury
  • San Marco - Marcopolo Luxury Orient
    Marcopolo Luxury Orient
  • San Marco - Antica Calce
    Antica Calce
  • San Marco - Cadoro Velvet
    Cadoro Velvet
  • San Marco - Cadoro Bianco
    Cadoro Bianco
  • San Marco - Cadoro Ard
    Cadoro Ard
  • San Marco - Cadoro
  • San Marco - Antica Calce Plus
    Antica Calce Plus
  • San Marco - My Art Fondo Nero
    My Art Fondo Nero
  • San Marco - Grassello Di Calce
    Grassello Di Calce
  • White Minimal Room
  • San Marco Decorative Finishes - bedroom
    Natural Effect Bedroom
  • San Marco Decorative Finishes - ladies bedroom
    Ladies Bedroom
San Marco – truly versatile!

San Marco Decorative Finishes

Fast Ecobuild are the exclusive Irish agents for San Marco Decorative products. The breadth and flexibility of the San Marco Decorative range delivers a whole new concept in interior and exterior decorative finishes. This stunning product portfolio, researched and developed by San Marco’s laboratories, provides Irish designers, architects, interior decorators and end users with unique decorative solutions that will add style and exclusivity to any interior or exterior. 

The application method results in a finish that is truly unique, defining style, personality and atmosphere.

The San Marco Decorative range is applied by professionals who have been trained by Fast EcoBuild. The application method results in a finish that is truly unique, defining style, personality and atmosphere. The highly-stylised finish becomes part of the architecture, enhancing key commercial and public locations and focal points with understated elegance. It is also ideal for domestic use, and will transform reception rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms from mediocre to magnificent.

And San Marco is not just a pretty face! It has been thoroughly researched and developed to deliver durability and longevity, inside and out. All San Marco product has EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration), an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.Environmental Product Declaration

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Fast EcoBuild are sole agents for San Marco Decorative products. We provide expert advice and recommendations to architects, designers and interior decorators on the use and suitability of San Marco products. If you’re at the specification level in the construction or design sectors, contact Fast EcoBuild for the best advice, and the very best decorative finishes, on the market.