External insulation Ideal for new builds and retrofits
Ideal for passive house upgrades

FEB (Fast EcoBuild) are Irish distributors of The FAST EcoBuild External Insulation System. The FAST system is designed and manufactured in Europe under strict quality-approved factory conditions. The system carries European Technical Approvals for all its products, and has been awarded the NSAI Agrément Certificate No. 12/0368 in compliance with Building Regulations requirements 1997 – 2011.

With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry FEB can provide advice on a wide range of construction and retrofit-related queries.

FEB distribute the FAST System from their central warehouse in Kildare to specially trained contractors throughout the country. All applicators are trained by FEB and adhere to strict guidelines as specified by FEB and the National Standards Authority of Ireland  (NSAI).

The FAST External Insulation System is ideal for retrofitting on existing homes. As the insulation is applied to the outside walls the fitting is straightforward and non-intrusive. Our installers generally don’t require access to the inside of your property (although they may need access to power and water if not available externally). Once installed, the insulation can be easily finished with most paint, rendering and cladding systems.

External insulation is idea for refurbishment and renovation projects as it doesn’t take space from the inside of a room, and allows the retention of the character and texture of older internal walls as a design feature while enjoying superb thermal insulation properties.

External insulation for apartments
Improves both the look and the thermal insulation of residential complexes

The NSAI Certificate for FAST SA, FAST SM and FAST W approves the use ofThe FAST External Insulation System on existing and new concrete and masonry construction (domestic & commercial). The system is designed for buildings up to six storeys, or 18 metres, high. The system can be applied to a variety of substrates such as brick, and rendered or dashed masonry walls. It can also be fixed on surfaces of horizontal or tilted structural elements provided they are not directly exposed to precipitation. These may include ceilings over passageways, internal walls and roofs (on the ceiling side) of garages or cellars adjacent to heated rooms.

The FAST EcoBuild External Insulation System comprises of Standard White EPS, Graphite Enhanced EPS, Extruded Polystyrene and Mineral Wool. FAST Basecoat and Alkali Resistant Glass Fibre Mesh combine to give the best “Category 1” impact resistance . FAST finish renders give the specifier and customer a wide range of choice from mineral, acrylic, silicone, simulated brick finish and protective coatings, all in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Fire Safety

according to IS EN 13501-1:2007 Fire classification of construction products and building elements, the FAST SA, FAST SM External Insulation System is defined as B – s2, d0. The FAST W External Insulation System is defined as A2- s2, d0.  The mineral wool board is classified as noncombustible. As such, FAST External Insulation is perfectly suitable for buildings of up to 6 storeys (18m high). Click here to view the full FEB / NSAI Certificate in relation to Fire Testing and Safety.

Tested for Irish Weather

FEB have carried out Wind Load Calculations, based on EOTA 004, to ensure that the correct FAST adhesive and optimum quantity of mechanical fixings are specified for the various Irish weather conditions and locations. The recommended four fixings per square metre makes the system easy and economical to install.

We also engaged one of Ireland’s top consultants to carry out thermal modelling to ensure that an R-value of 0.6m2K/W is achieved at all critical junctions to eliminate thermal bridging. As a result, the improved “Y” factor of 0.08 can be entered into the DEAP building energy rating (BER) calculation. Thermal modelling has also been carried out on the FEB Pressed Aluminium oversill and the FEB GRC concrete oversill.

FEB prepare all site survey documentation in compliance with NSAI requirements, to include U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis based on wall construction and insulation used.

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With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry FEB can provide advice on a wide range of construction and retrofit-related queries.

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